My familia!

Tuesday, February 23

3 months later has been way too long since my last blog. And not much has changed!

Amanda now has her licensed...scary in itself. But she is mature and really watches the rules of the road. And with winter almost over, there is not much left to worry about. But then again, I didn't get my permit until I was 17 and then it was only because I had too. And that next year, I still made a bad choice and totaled my mothers' car. So hopefully, she will make it through to the next year!!! I think she can. She makes sure that the radio is down and her cell phone is put away. :)

Last I blogged, I announced that we just bought a home!! Can I say how much I have waited and longed to live free of the apartments!! To have no one living above you and bouncing on the not have to watch a movie without surround sound because the lady next to us likes it quiet... I love living in so much space!! I can cook in my kitchen...I can load the dishwasher and still get into the fridge...I have sooo much counterspace!!!! We have three living rooms, a dining room, full basement, loft for my scrap stuff....soo much more room. And we have a nice size backyard and an attached 2 car garage...and here is the clincher...we only pay $30 more to live here then we did there!! Yeah!!

Now you may be asking...why in the world did you not do this earlier? Well, we wanted our kids to go to some of the better schools and needed to live within the boundries. So we have been living in the apartment for 7 years now so that they could go to those schools. Taylor will be going to high school next year and we were hoping to 'choice' Bayle into his current school (depending on where we found a house). Brent and I knew that they both would be able to finish their current we started looking in August and closed in November. The new house in unfortunately outside of the school boundary (same district) and in January I was able to 'choice' Bayle to stay in his current school as long as I can get him to and from, and Taylor will actually go to the same High School that I went to. She is pretty excited about it and we go to register her on Wednesday. Yeah!!

I need to start up the 30 blogs in 30 days again...Maybe this will be day 1!