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Wednesday, February 24

The unfortunate world that we live in

There was another school shooting yesterday. A man who apparently went to the school 18 years ago had been hearing voices for a while now, decided that he would take his fathers' gun and go to the school and start shooting. He will appear in a hearing today being charged with 2 counts of first degree murder.

Now besides the actual shooting of innocent is the problem that I have with this. This man who is obviously mentally ill never received treatment for his illness. It was said that he and the family could not afford the medication, so he lived with his father and worked on the family farm. Because he could not receive medication, the voices continued and finally brought him to that school with a gun and began shooting. Now, in custody he will get the medication that he needs and be tried as mentally ill and not serve the term that he deserves. So then, who's fault is it...the man, the illness, or the health care?

We create our own problems...

After picking up Bayle from school yesturday (before the shooting) he told me that his school had a lock down drill. This is where the kids are locked inside their classrooms in the event that something like this would happen. It is sad that we now need to practice drills for psycho's like we would for tornado's and fire's.

The schools have also locked down their security for anyone entering the building. You now have to sign in and have a picture ID on file. Bayle's school is very good at this...but last week I went to pick up Taylor early from school and they did not ask for an ID or to sign her out, nothing.... didn't even ask her if she knew me...very scary...and last week I had to go into Jacey's school and they also did not ask me for an ID or to sign in. I think that if the school feels it necessary to have drills and security measures in place, then they need to follow them to a tee...

The two kids that were shot yesterday are doing a better now. One was released from the hospital last night and the other is still listed in critical condition..but he made it through the night. By the grace of God they will both come out healthy. Although at their young age will need to live with the memory of this horrific day.


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