My familia!

Saturday, September 13

My prayers are with her

My mother lives in a suburb of Houston and if you have been watching the news, they were hit with Hurricane Ike last night. So far from the news, Galveston was hit and flooded but now the water is receding back into the Gulf.

My mother lives in a trailer home, but was able to pack up and stay with her mother who lives about 20 minutes away. I did talk with her yesterday afternoon and they were ready for the storm to hit (water, can food, camping cooker, etc). But she only has a cell phone, no landline phone. So now, we have no way to know if they are okay. But the plan is that she will try every hour to get a line out (if the towers happened to stay up) and let someone know.

Watching CNN, so far there are only 3 fatalities. But it is still very early. In my heart, I believe that she and Granny are in a 'safe' structure, and they will mostly only see water damage. But we don't know for sure, so my prayers are with her...


Anonymous said...

How's your mum?