My familia!

Monday, July 14


Last weekend, my hubby and I decided to upgrade our bikes, so that we could enjoy a few of the trails around our house. So we went looking and realized that bikes have come a long way. I can remember back when it was cool to ride my sisters 10 speed and now they have 21 speeds and shocks! So anyway, we ended up getting two new bikes for him and I and then going back to get Taylor a new one (she has gotten so dang tall).

So, Saturday the kids wanted to take a trail to get dinner and then back, which is only about a 3 mile ride one way. The trail took us a little out of the way, which added another mile, but we ended up getting there an hour later. It was nice, the kids all kept together, we were away from the traffic, and Bayle had his first wipe out! He was wearing his helmet thank goodness because it took the brunt of the fall. All in all it was a lot of fun! We will be doing that a whole bunch more!

Sunday Brent woke up sick and later in the afternoon, I followed suite. At one point I had a fever and was shivering so bad, that I had to step outside and lean up against the brick wall just to warm up. And even then, I could not get my toes to warm up. But I am feeling better now, so I think it was just a 24 hour flu. Yeah!! I hate being sick!

So today, I need to play catch up. I have a swap that I need to complete in one of my groups and get that mailed off tomorrow, my house is a disaster, and I need a shower! So I am off to start on all of that. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!