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Wednesday, October 8

The good...the bad...and the ugly

The Good~

The weekend was awesome!!! To start, I got my own room! Usually, they have us staying in a dorm like building and there are 2-3 gals in each room with 17 rooms total. We all share a bathroom and showers. Not really that bad, but there is no privacy. This time, when I went to check in, the lady stated that the dorms were full and they did not want to open a new one, so they were putting me in a 'motel style' with my own double bed, bathroom, and locked door. It was definitely a nice change, but I do believe that I will be in the dorms next time! I have too many stupid horror movies about 'camp grounds' to stay alone. lol
Anyway, I finished 21 pages and even won some awards!! Here are a few pages. (I won't show them all, but I will add them to the link on the left side)

This first page won for a monochromatic page (shades of the same color).It then went up for a vote for page of the weekend and it came in second!!! The journaling is what won it, although my kitty is pretty cute too!
The Bad~

During my weekend away, the Hubby also had work obligations that he had to take care of. So most of last week, was spent calling family to see if anyone could help with taking the kids to games, and keeping them for some of the weekend. My brother offered to take Bayle to his football game. But I guess Bayle still thought that Daddy was going to show up, and somehow I would be there and when he realized that we were not, he was very depressed and was not really into the game. The coach pulled him aside, even my brother tried to pump him up for the game to no avail. He is a lot like my husband in this regard, but that is for a different post.


Okay, here it goes...I hate, dislike, distain, loath my picture being taken. (Kind of ironic when I love pictures soo much). Anyway, I went back and forth on whether to post this next picture or not. I wanted to go in and fix the colors and the skin tone. Take the bags out from under my eyes. But I decided that...this is me...on 4 hours of sleep I might add...but this is me. Small eyes, all the wrinkles... And it definitely fits under the 'ugly' portion! :) So here it is...this is me on Sunday afternoon before heading home. Oh...and it's my new hair too. Yuck!!! I am much better in person!


Trish said...

I love your scrappin pages.
I wish I could go to scrap booking weekend... or just start scarppin'.
I ..." hate, dislike, distain, loath my picture being taken. (Kind of ironic when I love pictures soo much)" that is me all over - yours is fine Nothing to worry about posting...