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Thursday, October 2

Away, away

Tomorrow...I am gone for the weekend to Nebraska! I have the car rented, my bags packed, the pictures printed, and my scrap stuff ready to go!!
Three years ago, I started going to this camp with only one bag (the black one in the pic) and it has spawned from there. And I come home with a full extra bag of more scrap stuff and loads of finished pages!!

Basically, I arrive and check in at four and scrap for 48 hours straight! They do have little dorm rooms for you to sleep in but most are only in there for a few hours and then back to scrappen. They also have a kitchen with a staff that makes three meals a day, and an espresso machine that is open all day and night!

I get to talk with my girlfriends that live up there and catch up. Learn new techniques, and just relax without the stress of 'life'. And I get to do this two times a year!! I cannot wait!!!

See you on Monday!


Mommie said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!