My familia!

Tuesday, August 4

Will he remember??

As I wake up this morning and feel the impending day weigh down on my shoulders, I know what needs to be done. The air is still slightly chilly outside as the sun just starts to rise from the east. I am the only one that can accomplish this feat. Daddy is still a bit queasy and fears the tears that might come after dropping you off.

I dress and step out into the living room to see your big brown eyes looking up at me with nothing but trust and love. A sadness chills me and I reach down to give you a hug. Your leash is already on and I grab it to walk you to the door. You jump up and jog proudly...You do love your outside time!!

We walk outside and play for a few minutes before I lead you to the car. You jump into the front seat excitedly and await the car ride. Only, as we start out, you get a little ansy because we do not take the same street as we do for the puppy park. You look at me questioning, but still enjoying the ride and look out the window at the amazing world you cannot wait to get into!

Only I do not enjoy the ride soo much...I know our destination. And I know that you don't and won't understand why. The only thing that keeps me from shedding a tear is the effect that we are hopping will occur by doing this. You will be able to play at the puppy park again without the leash. When we go for walks, you will better enjoy them without the stress of needing to pee on everything!! And even though some of our plans for your future now are not in the cards, I know that you will be happier.

I say a little prayer and walk you into the office, sign some forms, and pass you over to the nurse. You have no idea what is about to happen, but you hear the other puppies in the background and forget that I am not leading you anymore.

I wait all day, and in 45 minutes I will be there to pick you up, pain meds and cream cheese in hand. And in a few days of rest, hopefully you will still jump into that car with the same excitement and you will not hold it against me.

I love you little puppy!!


Sandy said...

So what surgery did the little guy have?