My familia!

Monday, June 1

I'm giving 'er all she's got captian!

The weather has turned crappy and cloudy again. :( We had some beautiful weather for the end of school and then for the kiddos first official day of summer, it turns cold. Blah...

Oh well, this last weekend we had some great weather and took advantage by taking Spring pictures. They came out amazing! They have grown up soo much since I first stared doing them. I need to fix a few, but will post them later today or tomorrow! :)

We also went to see Star Trek...finally!!! And I loved it!!! I followed the series although I would not call myself a Trekie, but I could answer basic questions. And I still loved it!! I kept whispering to Taylor lines from the show right before they were said...she was a little annoyed, but I was just happy that I could follow it so close! There were a few people that got up in the middle of the movie and left...right before Leonard Nemoy came on screen...oh well for them!