My familia!

Wednesday, May 13

Day two

Our day two started really early. We were up before the sun for our buffet breakfast, and then off to the boat for some Deep Sea Fishing! I was so excited to get out on that boat and be out in the middle of the ocean. And just to be on the safe side, the hubby and I took some Dramamine before we ate. But let me back up a minute...back to breakfast.

Qwest had rented out the back patio portion for meals. And they had the breakfast tables set up right on the beach line. So we could go through the line, pick up our Starbucks and food, and then sit by the beach and eat in front of the waves. It was just soo amazing!! The sound of the waves so early in the morning! Oh...and I need to back up again. lol

Before the trip, the hubby got to talking to others that had won the Circle of Excellence trip in previous years, and they told him that Qwest goes all out. As you get there, there are gifts and free things, and just everything that you may ever want! And with the 'recesion' we did not think it was going to be as elaborate. But Qwest did everything that they had in previous years. Every night we came back from dinner, there was a 'gift' waiting for us on the bed. A card that told us the next morning to go to a room to recieve free sunglasses from Kaenon. The second night they gave us MinoHD Flip. And the thrid night...well, I will wait to tell you about the third night tomorrow!

Anyway, before breakfast, we went up and redeamed the sunglasses which were amazing!! They had about 24 pairs out for each men and women. I have never really bought polarized sunglasses, didn't really know what the hype was about...but wow!!! I LOVE these glasses. Now onto the rest of the day... :)

We were bussed over to the fishing boats and headed out through the 'gateways' to the ocean. Our captain showed us homes that Demi Moore and Rosi O'donnell owns and some guy that owns the NBA I think (the hubby would know!) We rode by the big Ocean Liners and the 2nd largest sail boat in the world and finally made it out to the ocean. The crew started baiting and throwing out the lines while 'trolling' (I believe is the term) on the water. It was then that I started getting sick...I NEVER get sick on the water. I grew up on boats, on lakes and such but I did not think that I would be the one to get sick. Blah... so I missed most of the fun, but the hubby caught a trigger fish!!! He had a blast and I can atleast say that I was out on the ocean!! lol

We got back to the hotel that afternoon, had lunch on the beach again, and then went back upstairs to take a nap. We did not mean to, but once we laid down, we were out!!

That night was the formal dinner and award ceremony. I am soo very proud of him. To only be with the company for 14 months, and to end up in the top 1.5% is amazing!!! To watch him walk up there and recieve his award, he deserved it!! He has worked soo hard to make it where he is! Congrats babe!!!

Day 3 tomorrow!