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Tuesday, April 14

A Beautiful Memory

The funeral was beautiful. When you first pull into Fort Logan, you only see the white tombstones for what seems like miles. The land itself has hills and valleys built in, it is so magnificent. As you are driving through, all of the tombstones are perfectly in line with everyone's name and dates, as well as their service. I found one man who had been in World War 1 and 2, Korea, and Vietnam. The way that we honor these men is...I actually don't know the right words...I was in awe of this place. All of these men and women who helped create what we have today.They had us park in a waiting area so that we could get out and talk with family and friends, and then we drove up to the setting. Armed men and women led the coffin in perfect unison to the stand and then stepped outside for the family to move in. The Chaplin read a few lines from the Bible and then had us turn for the gun salute and the bugle playing. Everyone started crying, (I'm crying now just remembering). They then folded the flag and presented it to my Grandmother. Family was able to stand up and say a few words and laugh together and say our goodbye's. It was a beautiful service.

And he was a great man, who left an amazing legacy. Eight children, 22 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren. I love you Grampa!


Ali said...

(((HUGZ))) sweetie. Beautiful post. I can "hear" how much you loved him... he sounds like he was a wonderful man. ~ Ali (Cndn Military wife...)