My familia!

Wednesday, April 30

Thursday Thirteen 23

Challenge: Pick a letter of the alphabet and say 13 things that describe me.

My letter: T

1. Tall
2. Tricky
3. Thankful
4. Thoughtful
5. Tidy
6. Tenacious
7. Truthful
8. Tough
9. Thirsty
10. Therapeutic
11. Typical
12. Talented - I hope :)
13. Tired - So very tired!


Adelle said...

LOL T-errific job,
Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

Great List.

I like the words

Tenacious, Truthful, and Typical.

Happy TT!

Lori said...

Im noticing a theme this week. I must have missed the Great list. Happy TT.

kay said...

Good T words. I especially like tenacious!

Elaina said...

Great list.

Picturing of Life said...

You are creative T :D

Will you visit mine Thanks

Anonymous said...

Very creative. Good job!

TLC said...

Teriffic! I did the letter T, too. We have some different words. Come check it out!