My familia!

Monday, November 3

Sugar Rush

What a weekend!!

Here in Colorado, it almost always snows on Halloween. In the last 7 years it has done just that. But this year, we were out without jackets, and in flip flops! It was amazing!
Taylor decided that she is now too big to go running around with her parents during the night, and I had decided that she is still too young to go around with just her friends. So we settled on she going with her friends and a mother walking 'a house' behind. So as Taylor was up ahead, I had invited my brother and his little one to walk with the hubby, Bayle, and I. Bayle went as 'Scream' and Jacey went as the Hulk. And the kids were running from house to house with their baskets filling them up, trying to race to the next house and be the one to ring the doorbell. But in the end, they all came home with enough candy for the next two years.