My familia!

Sunday, February 24


I made it!! Woohoo!! I entered a challenge in one of my Myspace groups, Scrapbooking and Card Making, and it's a Survivor type challenge. Every week there is a specific challenge thrown at us and we have to make a layout accordingly. Pages need to be posted by Saturday night and voting is on Sunday's. Week One Challenge was to make a layout using 10 metal embellishments.

So it took me all week to come up with an idea. And since I am trying to gather stuff to 'try-out' for a design team, I decided to make a ME page. Side note - I HATE scrapping pages with me in of the big reasons that I even thought about scrapping in the first place was so that I could pick out the pictures that would go into the book for family to see - end side note.

So anyway, there were 16 gals that signed up, and we are only running for eight weeks with three being eliminated in the first week. Unfortunately, only thirteen gals got their posts up in time. This means that there will be no eliminations for the first week and the 13 gals that posted will all move on. So I made it by!!! Yeah!!

I was soo scared that I was going to be one of the first off, because these women are so fantastic with their pages. But I'm still standing..for one more week at least. LOL... Here is the page that I completed. TFL!